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Dress Shirts

Dress Shirt Style and Fit Continued.

The Shirt Body
Moving on to the shirt’s body and components, it is virtually impossible to cover each and every alternative, so I’ll try to address the most important elements and their commonly found variations. It’s important to keep in mind that the subject of style is very personal and dependent on one’s taste, and as such, this article is meant to work as a guide, a reference of how different variations influence the way a shirt is perceived.

Shirt Front

When it comes to fronts, leaving plackets aside, most shirts feature a plain front without any additional elements other than chest pockets.

Dress Shirt Fit & Style

The Proper fit of a Shirt.

The following is a summary of the types of fit for dress shirts. Keep in mind that a dress shirt should be comfortable and not in the least bit restricting.  In postings to follow we will share information on the different body types.

Arguably the most striking feature of a shirt, fit is one of the most influential traits in defining style. Simply put, it’s inconceivable to address style if the shirt is ill-fitting, so make sure to follow our previous recommendations on attaining a proper fit.