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Proper Fit & Style

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Proper Fit and Styling

We have covered the topic of proper fit and style for Men's and Boy's Clothing in the past.  It is essential that when you are at a retailer, custom shop or any general clothier that your garments look and fit properly.

Many consumers looking for suits or dress clothing are not educated in the various styles and fits that are available and what will make them look their best.  They look to the professionals to assist them is their choices.

We at Krystian's Menswear have seen all to often the results of  consumers not having the proper guidance from the sales associates assisting them.  Good quality clothing is not inexpensive and to get the most from your purchases, proper guidance and honesty are some of the most important factors in your selections

When you are shopping for clothing for a business, social or formal occasion tell the person assisting you what style, color and fabrics you desire.  It is up to him or her to recommend the proper fitting garments. They are responsible to take your requirements and show you the best possible merchandise to fit your needs.

As in any business there are sales representatives that are not properly trained, not motivated to offer the proper guidance to their customers or are just motivated by the money they will make from the sale.
Be wary of the sales person that does not measure you properly, does not offer you selections and options and does not know how to properly fit the garments you have chosen.

Jackets, not the right fit,  arm sleeves to long or short, trousers to baggy or the trouser leg to long and not ending properly atop your shoe are just some of the errors made by customer service representatives when selling and fitting garments.

If you feel you are not getting the proper service and attention or you feel the person assisting you is not knowledgeable and caring LEAVE.  Find another clothing store that will assist you in looking your best. One that listens to your requirements.  One that is knowledgeable about fit and style.  One that educates you and is more concerned about you than making a sale.  

When making an investment in clothing never settle.  A person assisting you can help you look your best at any budget level.  Your purchase need not only be high end designer label goods to look fantastic.  A qualified professional can assist you to look your best within your budget.

At Krystian's Menswear we value each and every one of our customers.  We take the time to listen to you and offer guidance on your fashion requests.  

Questions? Send us a note through the contact page on our website and we will promply respond to your inquiries.