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The Business Card & Case

The Business Card & Case.  An Important tool to introduce yourself, your business and your Services.

For anyone who works in a role that involves some type of sale, a business card is often your best tool of the trade. Many people believe they don’t work in sales, but in fact, everybody is selling, all of the time. In fact, it’s often the people with the cushiest jobs who are the biggest sellers in the company. From the CEO right down to the janitor you say hi to when walking in the office, every person plays a valuable role in representing the company. A business card, is your sales tool. It advertises you and your company and acts as a lead generator and influencer.

This is why you don’t want to just haphazardly shove your business cards into your already stuffed and overflowing wallet. Not only will they crumple and possibly stain, but imagine how it looks to your prospective customer when you’re scrounging around in your back pocket for your wallet, pull it out and have to sift through receipts and random papers for that card you just had pressed up against your buttocks. Now imagine how it looks when you effortlessly pull a card case from your jacket pocket, it snaps open and a pristine card slides out into your hand. It becomes the difference between the guy wearing the jeans and the guy wearing the suit. Even in construction, the executives dress up in the office.

The type of card you present and the case says a lot about how you want to be viewed by your potential clients.  It is an important accessory that says more than just the words printed on the cards themselves.

Choose your case.  Whether it be leather or metal, plain or a detailed design.  It should be representative of you.