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How To Use Shaving Soaps

How to Use Shaving Soap
The traditional shaving soap is lathered up with a shaving brush in a container – a mug, bowl, deep dish, and jar or directly from a stick. To build up a good lather, follow these steps:
  1. Wet your brush under running hot water or fill up your sink with hot water and leave the brush in the water for at least a minute. A badger hair brush is always a good choice. Unlike synthetic fibers, badger hair is naturally soft and retains water like a sponge
  2. Make sure the brush bristles have soaked up the hot water. The point is to retain the moisture in the brush so that it gets directly to your face to soften your beard hairs and open pores. So, don‘t tap too much excess water off the brush.
  3. Lather up the soap using circular motions directly in the container. At first, the bubbles will appear large, but as you keep going, they will increase in number and become smaller and smaller until you can barely see them at all. After 25 seconds, you should have achieved a thick, warm lather.
  4. Apply and massage the warm lather with the soaped brush evenly across your face in circular motions. This will also increase the lather‘s density, soften your whiskers, and allow them to stand up, allowing the razor to sit close to the base of the hair follicle. The longer you whisk, the richer the lather, the smoother the shave and the more your skin will be protected.
  5. Adding a touch more hot water will normally provide re-lathering for second or third passes, if required, without using anymore soap.
  6. Empty excess water from the soap container and leave it open so it can air-dry.
The Scottish Fine Soaps Company produces shave soaps with beautiful presentation, including a ceramic bowl that makes the lathering for beginners very easy.

Difference Between Shaving Soap & Cream

The difference between a shaving soap and cream is basically the time and effort you have to invest to get a good lather. Shaving creams are easier to work with but won’t last as long. If you use a good product, it is nearly impossible to make out a difference between the lather of soap and a cream. The advantage of a concentrated soap lies in the cost per shave; it is cheaper due to the fact that it will last much longer. Shaving soaps will last even through daily use over several months.

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The longer you whisk, the richer the lather, the smoother the shave and the more your skin will be protected.

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