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Prom 2014

Prom 2014

When planning your Prom attire keep in mind not only how you want to look but how you would like to compliment your date's attire.

Basic black is the norm for a tuxedo for Prom but the choice is yours.  Whether you choose a Tuxedo or Suit look as elegant as you possibly can.  Avoid flashy patterns such as bright stripes or multi color designs. If you are going to Prom with a date you want to avoid clashing with her dress.

When considering your tux or suit consider your body type and height.  An excellent fitting garment is very important to looking your best.  When you go to a retailer to choose your attire make sure they are working with you and not against you.  You  are the customer and your satisfaction should be the their number one priority.  Plus as professionals the person fitting you should be well aware of the best way to make you look your best with perfectly fitting garments and the proper accessories.

There are certain rules of thumb when fitting suits and tuxedos.  The jacket should drape on your silhouette perfectly.  The sleeves should be the proper length allowing for a half inch of the dress shirt showing from the jacket sleeve.  The shoulders should fit perfectly.  There should be no overhang and you should have easy movement with your arms.  You should not feel constricted in any way.  When closing the jacket buttons there should be no pull on the buttons themselves.  Jacket size and length are based on your height.  If you are over six feet in height you should not be fitted with a short or regular length jacket.

The trousers should be comfortable around the waist and the length should break cleanly at the instep. Trousers that are too long in length will "bunch" on the shoe and not give you that clean crisp finished look.

When choosing a dress shirt you can choose a standard lay down collar with a plain front or a  lay down collar with a pleated front.  If you are wearing a bow tie you may want to consider a wing tip collar.  A nice finishing touch to the dress shirt when wearing a bow tie without a vest are shirt studs which are used in lieu of the shirt buttons.  We also recommend that regardless of whether or not you choose to use studs you wear cuff links as an elegant touch to the sleeves.

The best way to compliment your date's attire is to blend or match your accessories to her dress.  There is a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from.  You can compliment your tuxedo with a vest, tie and pocket square.  You may choose to just have a tie and pocket square or just the tie. Using a pocket square would add a bit of color and flair to the jacket.

Shoes are also a very important part of your attire.  If your clothing is crisp and fits perfectly but your shoes are ratty and not polished the entire outfit is ruined.  Make sure your shoes are clean and polished and fit the look of your outfit.  

At Krystian's Menswear we strive to make sure that you look your best for an event that will bring lasting memories for you, your date, your family and friends.  

We offer many rental packages and offer expert tailoring to insure that the fit of your garments is perfect and you feel and look your best.

Stop in and visit the store and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and explain to you all our wonderful products and services.