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For those discerning customers who desire classic styling accompanied with a subtle design, we direct our attention to the timeless herringbone pattern. Although traced back to Egyptian craftsmanship thousands of years ago, the herringbone motif is still prominent in today's fashion. The LUXURY HERRINGBONE COLLECTION celebrates this motif in 56 colors.


Modern and casual, the Palermo Collection suitable for any occasion with qualities that appeal to both crowds young and old, the PALERMO COLLECTION offers a unique diamond grid pattern that you will not be able to ignore. The criss-crossing bars are sure to entangle your interest with 35 colors.


 If you have attention to detail and recognize quality, consider the CARDI PREMIERE SOLID SATIN COLLECTION, STRIPED SATIN COLLECTION and the TAPESTRY COLLECTION for a versatile basic style to own. With 65 colors to choose from in each collection you can Mix and Match your colors.


 In Venice, Italy it has been said that "light and water combine to create a restless magic." In an effort to extend Venice's reputation as a magical atmosphere, CARDI has introduced the VENETIAN COLLECTION. Brides and Grooms will be pleased to notice  that the multi-colored Venetian fabric makes it effortless to coordinate with bridesmaid dresses.

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Touch it...... Feel It......Remember It...... Luxury Microfiber

Ultra-fine-spun Microfiber has an elegant silk-like feel that is softer and more elegant and provides supreme comfort. 


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